Discord Advertisement Framework (4.0.5)#

The Discord advertisement framework is a Python based automatic application that allows easy automatic advertisement (and much more) on Discord.


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Key features#

  • Automatic periodic and scheduled messages to multiple servers and channels,

  • Error checking and recovery,

  • Message logging, invite link tracking & statistics

  • Multi-account support

  • Graphical Interface (GUI) / Console (script)

  • Easy to setup

  • Programmatic usage

  • Much more


Running on user accounts is against Discord ToS, however DAF still enables it.


DAF can be installed in one of the two ways:

  1. As a standalone EXE on Windows. It can be downloaded in releases. Please note that antivirus software might detect this as a virus. This is because the exe bundles a Python interpreter alongside the Python package. If that happens, disable your antivirus or consider installing the software as a Python package (explained in the following bullet point).

  2. Installed as a Python package through the terminal / PowerShell / cmd.

    Pre-requirement: Python (minimum v3.9; recommended 3.11)

    pip install discord-advert-framework

    Some functionality needs to be installed separately. This was done to reduce the needed space by the daf.

    • Listing 1 Voice Messaging / AUDIO#
      pip install discord-advert-framework[voice]
    • Listing 2 SQL logging#
      pip install discord-advert-framework[sql]
    • Listing 3 Chrome integration#
      pip install discord-advert-framework[web]

    Install all of the (left) optional dependencies

    • Listing 4 All#
      pip install discord-advert-framework[all]

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