DAF (v2.2)#

The Discord advertisement framework is a shilling tool that allows easy advertising on Discord.

Key features#

  • Ability to run on user accounts or bot accounts


While running this on user accounts is possible, it is not recommended since it is against Discord’s ToS. I am not responsible if your account get’s disabled for using self-bots!

  • Periodic advertisement to Direct (Private) Messages, Text channels and Voice channels

  • Advertising with either static data (text, embed, files, audio) or dynamic data (the data is obtained thru a function dynamically)

  • Logging of sent messages to different outputs (also includes SQL)

  • Ability to add additional application layers with help of asyncio

  • Easy to setup


DAF can be installed though command prompt/terminal using the bottom commands.

Pre-requirement: Python (minimum v3.8)

pip install discord-advert-framework

Some functionality needs to be installed separately. This was done to reduce the needed space by the daf.

  • Listing 1 Voice Messaging / AUDIO#
    pip install discord-advert-framework[voice]
  • Listing 2 Proxy support#
    pip install discord-advert-framework[proxy]
  • Listing 3 SQL logging#
    pip install discord-advert-framework[sql]

Install all of the (left) optional dependencies

  • Listing 4 SQL logging#
    pip install discord-advert-framework[all]

Table of contents#