Automatic generation#

This documents describes mechanisms that can be used to automatically generate objects.

Shilling scheme generation#

While the framework supports to manually define a schema, which can be time consuming if you have a lot of guilds to shill into and harder to manage, the framework also supports automatic generation of the schema.

You can automatically generate the schema 2 different ways:

  1. Using the build-in daf.guild.AutoGUILD and daf.message.AutoCHANNEL,

  2. Using PyCord (API wrapper) client,

AutoGUILD, AutoCHANNEL method#

Using this method allows you to have a completely automatically managed system of finding guilds and channels that match a specific regex pattern. It automatically finds new guilds/channels at initialization and also during normal framework operation. This is great because it means you don’t have to do much but it gives very little control of into what to shill.

Automatic GUILD generation#

For a auto-managed GUILD list, use AutoGUILD which internally generates GUILD instances. Simply create a list of AutoGUILD objects and then pass it to the framework. It can be passed to the framework exactly the same way as GUILD (see Quickstart (server_list) and Dynamically adding objects).


Messages that are added to AutoGUILD should have AutoCHANNEL for the channels parameters, otherwise you will be spammed with warnings and only one guild will be shilled.

from datetime import timedelta
import daf

async def main():
    auto_guild = daf.guild.AutoGUILD(
                    include_pattern="David", # Regex pattern of guild names that should be included
                    exclude_pattern="NFT-Python",   # Regex pattern of guild names that should be excluded
                    remove_after=None, # Never stop automatically managing guilds
                    messages=[], # Pre-include messages
                    logging=True, # The generated GUILD objects will have logging enabled
                    interval=timedelta(hours=1) # Scan for new guilds in a period of one hour

    await daf.add_object(auto_guild)
    await auto_guild.add_message(
            None, timedelta(seconds=5), "Buy our NFT today!",
            daf.guild.AutoCHANNEL("shill", "promo", timedelta(seconds=60)))

Automatic channel generation#

For a auto-managed channel list use AutoCHANNEL instances. It can be passed to xMESSAGE objects into the channels parameters instead of a list.

Listing 12 AutoCHANNEL example#
async def main():
    await daf.add_object(
                    None, timedelta(seconds=5), "Hello World",
                    channels=daf.message.AutoCHANNEL("shill", exclude_pattern="shill-[7-9]")

PyCord scheme generation method#

This is done by using the discord.Client object.

discord.Client object should not be created manually as the framework automatically creates it. To obtain the client, call daf.client.get_client() function. To find guilds, we will be using the discord.Client.guilds property which will return a list of discord.Guild objects and then on each guild inside the list, we will be using the discord.Guild.text_channels property which will return a list of discord.TextChannel objects.

Then we will use the daf.core.add_object() function to add objects to the shilling list (Dynamically adding objects)

Listing 13 Automatic generation using PyCord thru the user_callback coroutine#
from datetime import timedelta
import daf

async def main():
    # Get discord.Client object
    client = daf.get_client()

    # Iterate thru all guilds
    for guild in client.guilds:
        # Iterate thru all channels
        channels = []
        for channel in guild.text_channels:
            # Channel names must contain word "shill"
            if "shill" in

        # at least one channel was found
        if len(channels):
            await daf.core.add_object(
                daf.guild.GUILD(snowflake=guild, messages=[
                                                data="Hello World",
            )"KDHJSKLJHDKAJDHS", is_user=False, user_callback=main)