Analytics (GUI)#

Changed in version 2.7: Added invite link tracking.


Analytics are currently only available if SQL is used for logging (LoggerSQL).


The Analytics tab allows users to get insight into sent messages and reached users. It is on the top-level split into 2 categories, which are Message logging and Invite link tracking. For both, a sub-tab exists under the Analytics tab.

Message logging#

The message part of analytics is split into 2 sub-sections. These are Logs frame (message) and Counts frame (message) .

Logs frame (message)#

The logs frame allows retrieval of message logs and their display though the object edit window.


The frame contains a dropdown w/ an edit button for defining parameters and 2 buttons.

The edit button will open up an object edit window where you can define your query parameters. After you click save, the parameters will get saved into the dropdown menu. When using the Get logs button, these parameters will be considered. Use Help inside the definition window to get insight on the parameters.


  1. Get logs - retrieves the logs from the database and inserts them into the list at the bottom,

  2. View log - opens an object edit window which can be used to inspect the log’s content (read-only)


Counts frame (message)#

Counts frame can be used to count the amount of successful / failed message attempts into a specific guild from specific author on the selected day / month / year.


The frame contains one dropdown w/ edit button which can be used to configure the query and one Calculate button.

Clicking on Edit will open up a object definition window where you can define the parameters. Use Help inside the definition window to get insight on the parameters.

Clicking on Calculate does the SQL analysis and inserts the result into the table below.