Live view (GUI)#

While the Schema tab allows user to pre-define a schema, the GUI also has a section called Live view.


Fig. 3 Live view tab#

Live view allows users to view and update objects that are currently loaded into the framework. It allows users to modify the original object parameters and then reinitialize the object to use those same parameters. This can be done by clicking on the Update button. Next to the Update button, there is a Refresh button which will reload the GUI with updated values. If an object does not have a Update button, that means the object is not directly supported for live modifications. In the latter case, users must click the Save button, until edit for an object, which supports live update, is found. Clicking on Save does not reflect changes in the actual framework, but just in the currently opened window.

When editing / viewing a live object, there is also a View property menu button, which allows users to inspect additional object properties of the object running inside DAF. This can eg. be used to view the channels, that were found using AutoCHANNEL object.

../../_images/gui-live-view-property-view-autochannel.png ../../_images/gui-live-view-autochannel-view-property-channels.png

Some live objects like ACCOUNT also support method execution, where you can eg. add or remove servers without updating the entire object.


At the top of the Live view tab, there’s also an Execute button with a dropdown menu. It allows you to define a new ACCOUNT object by clicking Edit and load the object into the framework directly. However it is recommended that accounts are defined inside the Account definition / schema tab (GUI) and loaded by clicking the Load selection to live button (see Loading schema into DAF (GUI)).